Informative Laminate Slitter Instruction Manual

Never miss another cut with Mar Bel Associates in Naples, Florida. We provide a downloadable instruction manual for our laminate slitter models that are used by novices and professionals alike.

Open-End Pro7 Models
The open-ended Pro7 has a c-frame, which gives it the capacity to work with l-shaped substrate, as well as oversize flat widths whose un-pressed area can also be run through the machine by rotating it 180 degrees in the horizontal plane. Thus a 72-inch wide panel can be pressed in a 61.5-inch Pro7 by making two passes. This unit is also compatible with C-frames, which can be pressed in a 61.5-inch machine by making two passes.

MLS-12 Multiple-Cut Laminate Slitter
Different size spacer configurations allow customized ganging over the 12-inch throat, for a maximum of 10 cuts. Additional spacers and cutting heads may be added later. The throat is open-ended, allowing you to either cut from a larger sheet or use sized pieces for an extra drop cut. You may order additional setups on other sets of shafts. Cutting widths are changed by removing the shaft and resetting spacers on top and bottom shafts.

Cost-Effective Operation
Once snapped in the machine's operation, any unskilled laborer can operate the slitter. When you own a Mar-Bel Slitter, you’ll experience noticeable economies in sharpening costs due to the unique cutting technology of the die. Blade wear is minimal and won’t gradually deteriorate as you would expect from an aluminum two-blade shear. In addition, the three-bladed die won't give you a beveled edge. Expect fewer lineal feet when cutting metallic materials.

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